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Best PostgreSQL Database Development Services In India

PostgreSQL is one of the fastest growing DBMS awarded the Database of the Year award for two consecutive years.

PostgreSQL is ORDBMS (Object Relational Database Management System) and thus, it possesses features like functionality overloading and table inheritance, while SQL is purely a relational database (RDBMS). It has a go-to solution to execute voluminous data operations and can better handle them. PostgreSQL has more features than any other database management systems. It is absolutely free and offers so many advanced tools.

Why Should You Go For PostgreSQL Database Services?

Limitless Usage

No Vendor Lock-In

Unrestricted License

Can be used by Anyone

Scalable & Reliable

Low Support Costs

Voluminous Functionality

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How To Develop A Remarkable PostgreSQL Database?

PostgreSQL supports a wide range of technology languages like C/C++, Java, Javascript Go, Python, Delphi, Tcl, .Net and many others. It offers on-premises installations and cloud-based support and majorly installs PostgreSQL on Linux servers. Also, it has its own PostgREST API. It is a standalone web server that can convert the PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API. It is available for operating systems like MacOS, Windows, Linux, BSD (Free BSD, Open BSD) and Solaris. Some of the tech giants using PostgreSQL are Apple, Spotify, Cisco, Etsy, Facebook, Yahoo, MacWorld and many more.

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