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Our Expertise

E Launch Solution has the experience and knowledge for developing an extensive array of native games.

We recognize the need to develop highly attractive and engaging native games for one primary reason, that they aren’t the first games to be deleted by a user wanting a more intense and demanding experience.

In most cases, a Smart phone user will always tend to delete native games if they don’t posses the feature of quality, graphic resolution, interest, entertainment value and function. We address those precise measures of functionality to ensure increased productivity elements of native gaming.

High Quality Design With Real Feel Experience

The design team of E Launch's native game team has been exploiting different aspects of iOS/Android native design aesthetics using storyboards & XML tools.

The concept of optimized design via coding is our forte which extends to seamless animation via GIF or Sprite sheet mechanics.

Native Game Development

Our streamlined methods of native game development provide games for both platform specific as well as cross platform usages. We possess the creativity and innovative perception to understand how important default native games should be to any device.

Whether using Objective C/Swift for Cocos 2D development or using Android AND engine along with custom engine , our team is proficient in all in the space of Native game development.

Smooth and error free JSON & XML parsing is needed at times for many game data inter exchange between server and front end devices which is a must in our development community.

The team’s optimal development procedures take care of memory management, optimized build size, high performance etc.

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